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Jiaxin Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. is committed to the meticulous processing and manufacture of various types of plastic containers, injection molded samples and plastic products. Products are widely used in the packaging of products such as cosmetics, daily necessities, medicine and food. Since its establishment, the company has been striving for self-improvement and continuous development...


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Always follow the service concept of “every step, first think of customers”. Through the scientific human resource management mechanism and the establishment of learning organization, we have cultivated a management and technical team with rich professional experience; through continuous management Integrate corporate culture into corporate operations. After ten years of development, we are dedicated to providing you with product development, design, mold opening, deep processing and even glass bottles and other one-stop services.



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Do you have a correct understanding of cosmetic containers?

If a cosmetic container manufacturer wants to get rid of the current mode of survival on low prices, it must pay attention to the construction of the design team, form its own design strength for cosmetic plastic containers, and get rid of the model of relying on models for development. This will increase the product competitiveness of cosmetic container manufacturers. While a larger investment may be required in the short term, it is well worth it in the long run. In addition, from the outside, our relevant departments should also actively guide. For example, hold a cosmetic plastic container packaging design competition, and strive to create an atmosphere for the development of cosmetic plastic containers and packaging. Furthermore, speed up the construction of the education system for plastic bottle packaging design talents. In addition, it is necessary to increase the supervision of the plagiarism of cosmetic plastic containers, and to protect the design achievements of cosmetic plastic containers and packaging should also be accelerated. Plastic containers must pay attention to the following issues in the design and production process: inflation, elongation, vertical load strength, container rigidity, bearing surface, screw thread, shape and outer surface and molding, temperature, pressure, etc., to ensure The mechanical properties, formability, mold structure and processing rationality of plastic containers and container use conditions. The process flow is: mixing → screw extrusion → mold clamping → blow molding → mold opening → cooling → trimming → inspection. The value played by cosmetic plastic containers cannot be ignored. The packaging cost of cosmetic plastic containers is very low, which greatly reduces the cost of container packaging and brings tangible benefits to consumers. In addition, the plasticity of cosmetic plastic containers can meet various needs of the market. At the same time, plastic cosmetic containers have various characteristics such as drop resistance, which are difficult to replace by other packaging materials. The most important thing is the recycling rate of plastic cosmetic containers. Among them, the recycling rate of PET cosmetic plastic containers is very high, which is much higher than that of other packaging materials, glass bottles and cartons. Recycling of resources is actually a very important indicator of environmental protection.

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